Vi Vi Thai

Inspirational speaker sharing unique tales of spiritual growth, immigration, and nomadic living.

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About Vi Vi Thai

Vi Vi Thai is a female author, truth seeker, healer, and fearless nomad living in Halifax, Canada.

She is fluent in English and has experience in engineering, spiritual growth, immigration, and one-of-a-kind nomadic lifestyle.

She achieved a Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering at Texas A & M University and a Masters of Biomedical Engineering from Cornell University.

Vi Vi is the author of the book "Living Through Alchemy - a transformational journey to freedom" which speaks to her unique experiences of self-discovery and spiritual growth.

Vi Vi believes that by finding our own inner freedom, the world can be liberated to evolve to a better place.

She offers her expertise to help others find their path of freedom to live their authentic selves.

Her passion for her work and her life stories make her a great potential podcast guest.

Her vast knowledge and wisdom will captivate and draw in any audience.

With her amazing stories to share about spiritual growth, immigration, and a one-of-a kind nomadic lifestyle, Vi Vi will make a great addition to any podcast.