Victor Mosconi

Inspiring women to find their authentic selves with psychology, Imposter Syndrome, leadership and coaching.

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About Victor Mosconi

Victor Mosconi is an experienced speaker, coach, and leader with extensive knowledge in psychology, leadership development, and coaching.

He has a PhD Candidate in Psychology, a MS in Psychology of Leadership Development and Coaching, and an MA in Industrial & Organizational Psychology.

He is also a former history/social science middle school teacher and the founder of Imposter Solution coaching.

In his work, Victor focuses on Imposter Syndrome, helping to inspire women to embrace their authenticity.

He has had a life-long experience with Imposter Syndrome and has learned how to recognize it, reframe his thoughts, and make it work for him to help women leaders and entrepreneurs overcome their self-doubt and imposter thoughts to develop the mindset to achieve the goals and life they desire.

Victor Mosconi is the perfect guest for any podcast looking for an expert in Imposter Syndrome and the psychology of leadership and coaching.

His degrees in psychology, experience, and knowledge make him an ideal podcast guest, and his ability to inspire women to embrace their authenticity is truly inspiring.

He is also available for both in-person and remote interviews and has access to the necessary equipment for a successful podcast.