Virginia Baker-Woolf

"Empowering women to move from surviving to thriving with financial freedom."

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About Virginia Baker-Woolf

Virginia Baker-Woolf is a renowned and experienced Freedom Fighter Money Coach for Women from Sydney, Australia.

She has been a coach for twenty years, first as a Leadership and Organisational coach and currently as a Money Coach.

Virginia has helped many women transform their lives and money relationship through her Money Coach services.

Virginia has also gone through her own personal transformation, going from working in a pit of snakes to working for herself, putting together what she believes has real value, maximizing her strengths.

Additionally, she has survived two cancers, one of which was extremely deadly: Triple Negative Breast Cancer.

Not only is she a Money Coach, but she is also an abstract artist and has reinvented herself through art.

Virginia speaks both English and Spanish, and has an array of interests such as Society & Culture, LGBTQIA+, Education, Feminism and more.

She is equipped with a built in microphone and webcam, and is available on weekends and weekdays for both in-person and remote guest appearances.

Virginia is passionate about helping women empower themselves spiritually and practically through her specialized Money Coach services.

She is an excellent potential podcast guest, as she has the experience, expertise and knowledge to make a valuable contribution to any podcast related to personal finance, life experiences, life coaching, courses, and feminism.