Wendi Renay

Religious Abuse Expert and Cult Survivor: Mental Health Advocate for All.

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About Wendi Renay

Wendi Renay is a passionate religious abuse expert, cult survivor, and mental health advocate based in West Palm Beach, United States.

Speaking English, Wendi has a wide range of interests including religion and spirituality, health and fitness, parenting, comedy, self-improvement, life coaching, female health and lifestyle, alternative health, and LGBTQIA+ life experiences.

Wendi is equipped with Studio Quality Microphone and Webcam and is available for in-person or remote podcast interviews on weekdays.

Wendi is an activist for the ExJw community and passionate about encouraging others to make the most wonderful use of their borrowed time.

She speaks out against controlling religions in the name of the silenced and oppressed members who are heavily indoctrinated but slowly waking up.

Wendi's goal is to speak to the heart of listeners and inspire them to take control of their own minds and their own lives.

Wendi Renay is a great potential podcast guest as her knowledge and experience in religious abuse, cults, mental health, and more makes her a well-rounded and passionate source of new information and insight about these topics.

Her stories and advice are sure to captivate and motivate your listeners.