Wendy Baldwin Hargett

Maximize your potential with this International Best-Selling Author, Holistic Healing Practitioner, and Voice of Hope.

About Wendy Baldwin Hargett

Wendy Baldwin Hargett is an inspiring speaker, international best-selling author, personal growth and spiritual coach, and certified holistic healing practitioner.

She is passionate about helping people who are ready to heal emotionally and transform on the deepest level - the heart and soul.

With her own personal battle with abandonment, divorce, sexual abuse, grief, betrayal, and suicidal feelings, Wendy understands pain and suffering and what it takes to achieve massive transformation.

Wendy speaks on multiple topics dealing with personal growth, subconscious blocks to success, stress relief, healing trauma, spirituality, and relationships with self and others.

Her experiences have been featured on radio and podcasts, and she is available for remote engagements.

Wendy is a great potential podcast guest because of her unique story, vast array of knowledge on personal growth, and ability to explain complex topics in an engaging and relatable way.

Her approach is direct and honest, and she can offer insight and actionable advice to listeners.

Her positive outlook and inspiring message will be sure to engage your audience and add significant value to your podcast.