Wendy Barlin

"Helping you tackle uncomfortable money topics like credit cards and income taxes with confidence."

About Wendy Barlin

Wendy Barlin is a CPA and entrepreneur who has been in the business for 25 years.

She is a passionate speaker who loves discussing the sometimes uncomfortable topics of credit cards, income taxes, and money management.

Wendy's life experience as an immigrant coming to the US with nothing but a bag of dirty clothes has given her a unique perspective on financial management that she enjoys sharing with her clients.

With her excellent communication skills and her vast knowledge and expertise in money topics, Wendy Barlin is a great potential guest for podcasts.

She is able to provide honest answers and solutions to financial questions and problems, while keeping her audience engaged with her sense of humor and lack of judgement.

On top of that, she is available for both in-person and remote appearances, she is based in Los Angeles and is proficient in English, and she has all the necessary audio and video equipment for a successful podcast.