Wesley Jackson

"Discover how to improve your mental health with Surviving Humanity: A Self-Help Podcast Co-Founded by me.”

About Wesley Jackson

Wesley Jackson is an experienced Co-Founder of Surviving Humanity: A Self-Help Podcast based in Laguna Niguel, United States.

He has experience in multiple fields, such as Education, Self-Improvement, Society & Culture, and Philosophy.

Wesley is an eloquent speaker and a master of communication, with fluency in English and a strong command of the written and spoken word.

He has access to top-notch equipment, including Studio Quality Microphone and Webcam, as well as being available for remote interviews on weekdays.

With his impressive background in personal development, Wesley is a great potential podcast guest.

He is passionate about shifting people's perspectives on how they can overcome the obstacles in their lives so that they move forward and prosper.

He has a unique ability to entertain, inspire, and educate through his hosting monologues, co-host conversations, and special guest interviews.

Wesley brings the power of authentic narrative and intensive research to the table, making him a great asset to any podcast.