William Sikkens

Expert Radio and Podcast Host: Delivering Insightful Commentary on Technology and Pop Culture.

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About William Sikkens

William (Bill) Sikkens is a professional on-air radio/podcast host with over 20 years of experience in I.

T., cyber security and software design.

He has provided easy-to-understand commentary in technology and popular culture since 2014.

He is based in Portland, Oregon in the United States and speaks English fluently.

His interests include leisure games, technology, entertainment & media, consumer technology, fandom & cosplay.

William is well-equipped with studio quality microphone and webcam for remote interview formats.

He is available for both in-person and remote interviews during weekdays.

William has the necessary skills and experience to be an excellent podcast guest.

His on-air hosting expertise and deep knowledge of technology allows him to provide interesting commentary that audiences will appreciate.

He has the ability to explain complex technology in an easy-to-understand way that will make for a great listener experience.

With his vast experience in I.

T., cyber security and software design, he can bring unique insights to any podcast.