Yvonne Winkler

Empathetic badass Yvonne champions feminine values with a wealth of experience.

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About Yvonne Winkler

Yvonne Winkler is a certified Birkman professional, business graduate from Saint Francis Xavier University, mental health advocate, speaker, facilitator, author of her memoir Freedom Seeker: Reclaiming Feminine Wisdom and a champion of feminine values.

She is the CEO of Lotus Consulting Inc with the mission to support women's wellbeing through empowerment, harmony and collaboration.

She has over two decades of business development, consulting and marketing experience and mentors women to find the clarity they want and harness the strength they already have to live the life they choose.

Yvonne is an experienced and passionate speaker who can bring her knowledge, experience and empathy to any podcast.

She is a native English and German speaker, with a range of interests such as books, entrepreneurship, startups, life coaching, female health and lifestyle, mental health, spirituality and sustainability.

She has all the necessary equipment to be a remote guest on podcasts and is available for interviews on weekdays.

Yvonne is a great potential podcast guest who can bring a unique perspective to any discussion.

Her personal journey from oppression to freedom has taught her how fear blocks our path to the life we want.

She is passionate about empowering women and helping them find the clarity and strength to live the life they choose.

Her enthusiasm and positivity makes her a great guest on any podcast and she is sure to provide valuable insights and advice.