"From darkness to light: Join Max on his journey of overcoming addiction and reclaiming his life!"

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About 99Relapses

99Relapses is a unique podcast platform that connects people struggling with addiction to knowledgeable and engaging podcast hosts.

Through personal testimonials, James Egidio educates, informs, inspires, empowers, and coaches his listeners on how to successfully get through their addiction and recovery with the help of Jesus Christ.

The podcast covers topics such as drugs, alcohol, pornography, gambling, overspending, codependency, social media, and gaming.

It is available in English and broadcasted from the United States. 99Relapses features remote guest formats and is available on weekdays.

Are you looking for ways to overcome addiction?

Join James Egidio on 99Relapses to gain insight into your addiction and recovery journey.

James will provide his personal experience and knowledge to empower and equip you with the tools to reach success and avoid relapse.

Let's come together to conquer addiction through the grace and mercy of Jesus Christ.