“because, bikers matter!” ® Podcast

"Join David "Vegas" Shuman as he explores why bikers matter in our new podcast, because, bikers matter! ™"

About “because, bikers matter!” ® Podcast

Welcome to "because, bikers matter!” ™ Podcast.

Our host David “Vegas” Shuman invites you to join him to discuss all things related to the motorcycle community, from the passion of giving back to Veterans, First Responders, Children, and other causes, to highlighting the good that motorcyclists are doing for society.

In each episode, we will provide engaging and knowledgeable conversation about the motorcycle and motorsport worlds.

Support for the podcast is brought to you by Motorcycle Safety Lawyers, a company that has been helping the motorcycle community and injured bikers for over 35 years.

We are available on weekends and weekdays for both in-person and remote interviews, and our downloads are up to 5,000.

If you are interested in becoming a guest, doing ad swaps, or collaborating on content, join us for the “because, bikers matter!” ™ Podcast.