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"Uniting African Ancestry voices from thought leaders to entrepreneurs and community builders to share their stories and inspire hope."

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About Hey I'm Listening

Hey I’m Listening is the ultimate podcast platform for thought leaders, entrepreneurs, and community builders of African Ancestry.

Our podcast features inspiring and engaging conversations with guests exploring various topics related to their life experiences, personal journeys, and the wisdom and knowledge they wish to share.

Through our conversations, we mentor from the podcast stage and examine what is needed for the next generation’s success.

We ask the hard questions and foster an environment of communal healing, with a focus on enhancing the social and economic status of our community, boosting family functioning, and reducing the negative impacts of policing and protective services.

If you are a guest looking to join us, we invite you to be vulnerable and use your story to inspire others.

We want to hear your innovative ideas for communal healing, and help you share your message with our up to 5,000 listeners.

Join us on Hey I'm Listening for a 30-45 minute chat in English and be part of the journey to promote the healing and transformation of our global community.

Are you an inspiring thought leader, entrepreneur, or community builder of African Ancestry?

Come join us on Hey I'm Listening and be part of a powerful movement to promote healing and transformation within our global community.

We offer a unique platform to share your stories, wisdom, and knowledge to a wide audience of up to 5,000 listeners.

Our conversations are engaging, inspiring, and encouraging, and together, we can make a real difference in the lives of others.

Come join us and be part of the journey to promote communal healing!