How Cool Is This?

Discover the coolest ideas of the world with How Cool Is This? - a 5-minute podcast featuring unique topics.

About How Cool Is This?

How Cool Is This? is a 5-minute podcast that brings you interviews with guests who share their unique idea in 90 seconds or less.

Each episode is a fun exploration of new and creative ideas, ranging from business, comedy, society & culture, entertainment & media, creative technology, etc.

We welcome all ideas that are not entirely self-promotional.

Our show is based in the United States and is available on weekdays and weekends.

We offer our guests a remote format, so all you need to do is get in touch and you can be on the show!

Are you looking for a platform to share your unique and creative ideas?

Look no further than How Cool Is This?

We provide a platform for guests to share their exciting ideas with the world!

Whether you have an idea about business, comedy, or technology, we are the perfect podcast for you.

Join us on How Cool Is This? and let your unique and creative idea shine!