How'd It Happen Podcast

"Unlock success with an 8-figure entrepreneur, investor, author, speaker, and lifetime learner."

About How'd It Happen Podcast

Introducing How'd It Happen Podcast, hosted by Mike Malatesta, a curious entrepreneur living in the Midwest who's achieved both success and failure in life.

This podcast provides an in-depth look into the stories, beliefs, actions, and experiences of high performers from all walks of life.

From entrepreneurs and business leaders, to physicians, athletes, adventurers, artists, and teachers, Mike's guests will cover a wide range of topics that range from business and lifestyle, to personal growth and self-improvement.

With a conversational based format, the podcast offers an engaging and knowledgeable platform for speakers across the globe.

Are you an expert in your field, with a story to tell?

Then join Mike Malatesta on How'd It Happen Podcast, and share your journey to success with the world.

Through this platform, you'll have the opportunity to collaborate with Mike and other guests in creating content that will reach a global audience.

Everyone has a story worth telling.

Take this chance to be featured on How'd It Happen Podcast and inspire others with your experiences.