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Behind-the-scenes look into the life and work of entrepreneurs, writers, artists, warriors, and leaders.

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About In The Trenches

In The Trenches with Tom Morkes tells the story of entrepreneurs, business owners, founders, inventors, and leaders who are doing the hard, creative work of building businesses that matters.

Tom Morkes interviews these high-impact world-changers and cuts through the fluff so you can get right inside the brain of these creators.

Listen to In The Trenches and you'll hear from bootstrapped startup founders, to self-made millionaires, to bestselling authors, to people who turned their creative pursuit into full-fledged businesses, and more.

Here are some of the subjects we cover: hot to start a business from scratch, how to launch a product, how to market and sell your products online, influencer marketing, affiliate marketing, online business strategies, copywriting techniques, and much, much more.

All interviews are unscripted, with as little editing as possible.

Tom believes the only way to go deep on a subject is to let it happen we hope you forgive any craziness that happens during the episodes; it's all real.

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