It's All About Skills

"Unlock the secrets to success with bestselling author Charlie Jett as he shares critical skills on the Discuss the Critical Skills podcast."

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About It's All About Skills

It's All About Skills is a podcast series that explores the eight Critical Skills needed to succeed in today's world.

Hosted by best-selling author Charlie Jett, this podcast covers a range of topics such as perspectives and experiences of teachers, businesses, parents, students, executive recruiters, career coaches, and politicians in teaching, using, and assessing the skills.

Each episode dives deep into topics such as how to best teach the skills, how to use them in different situations, and how they can be assessed.

With topics ranging from business and management to self-improvement and education for kids, this podcast has something for everyone.

It's All About Skills is available in English and can be listened to on weekends and weekdays.

The podcast has up to 5,000 downloads per episode and provides guests and content collaboration opportunities.

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