Tech for Founder with Panida Wayrojpitak

Empower Your Venture with Tech: Insights for Non-Tech Founders

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About Tech for Founder with Panida Wayrojpitak

The Tech for Founder Podcast is a prime resource for non-technical entrepreneurs seeking to leverage technology to scale their businesses effectively.

Hosted by Panida Wayrojpitak, CTO and Computer Science MSc candidate, our podcast breaks down intricate tech topics into practical insights with help from top-tier experts.

As our esteemed guest, you'll join a distinguished roster including Ramiro Berrelleza, a Y Combinator alum whose innovations at Okteto dramatically improved developer efficiency, and Neil Ambikar, a Techstars graduate known for his pioneering work in fintech.

Our discussions focus on AI, fintech, and other cutting-edge tech-driven fields, providing founders with actionable advice and strategic insights to navigate the tech landscape successfully.

This is your chance to share your story, inspire entrepreneurial ambition, and showcase your expertise to a dedicated audience of burgeoning founders.

Join us and make a lasting impact by empowering the next generation of non-technical entrepreneurs.