The NeuroDiverse Teacher Podcast

"Uniting and inspiring neurodiverse youth to overcome mental health struggles through uplifting stories of hope and resilience."

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About The NeuroDiverse Teacher Podcast

The NeuroDiverse Teacher Podcast is a platform for neurodivergent individuals, featuring inspiring interviews that showcase stories of perseverance and triumph.

Hosted by Dr.

Kristen Eccleston, a published researcher, professor, and school mental health advocate, this podcast offers listeners messages of hope and encouragement.

Each episode highlights the amazing side of being neurodiverse and encourages people to embrace their individualities and not be afraid of being different.

Guests must be neurodiverse individuals who are willing to share their experiences with listeners and speak to how being neurodiverse has impacted their lives, as well as those who have had to overcome mental health challenges.

This podcast is available in English and is broadcast from Washington, D.


Do you have a story of perseverance and growth that you'd like to share?

Do you identify as a neurodiverse individual and want to make a difference in the world?

Then join The NeuroDiverse Teacher Podcast and be part of a supportive community dedicated to helping neurodiverse youth struggling with mental health.

You will be heard and will gain exposure to a wide range of engaging and knowledgeable podcast hosts.

Don't miss out on this opportunity to connect with a worldwide audience and help create a more inclusive world.