Allison Guilbault

"Empower yourself to break free from shame & limiting beliefs with the help of a therapist and discover your own relentless & radical self-love."

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About Allison Guilbault

Allison Guilbault is an experienced and passionate licensed therapist specializing in trauma, anxiety, forensic psychology and human sexuality from Newton, New Jersey.

She is the proud owner of Mindful Mental Health, a tele-health counseling agency providing non-judgmental, empathic and person-centered care to those in the queer community, ethical non-monogamy, sex workers, highly successful women, trauma survivors and persons with a criminal history.

Allison's educational background includes two Associates and Bachelors degrees from New York University, where she specialized in Psychology and Gender Studies.

She then went on to obtain two Masters Degrees from John Jay University, one in Forensic Psychology and the other in Forensic Mental Health.

Her internships include Planned Parenthood, New York University School of Psychology, Mt.

Sinai and The Door.

Allison is a world traveler and an animal lover.

Her soapbox items include self-love, empowerment, gender and sexual fluidity, how trauma affects all aspects of life, and alcohol education.

Allison's unique experience and expertise make her a great potential guest for any podcast.

Her knowledge on trauma, mental health, gender studies, sex therapy, and her passion for self-love and empowerment make her perfectly suited for a wide variety of topics.

Her credentials, coupled with her charismatic personality, make her an ideal guest for any podcast looking to discuss the topics of mental health, empowerment, gender, and sexuality.

Her experience in the nightlife industry, combined with her research and studies on alcohol education, make her an excellent guest to discuss the intersections of mental health and alcohol.

Allison is a great potential podcast guest with her deep knowledge and experience in her field.

Her unique background, education, and experience make her the perfect podcast guest to bring a fresh perspective on the topics of mental health, trauma, gender, sexuality, and alcohol education.

With her ability to speak candidly and passionately, Allison is sure to make an impact on any podcast.