Alundas Havens

"Unlock your potential and achieve success with help from me: a trauma-informed mindset coach."

About Alundas Havens

Alundas Havens is a Marine Corps veteran hailing from Fresno, CA and now living an hour outside of San Diego, CA.

A life of enduring physical abuse, emotional abuse, and alcoholism have not prevented Alundas from striving for success and finding out who he wanted to become.

Through The Winners Paradigm, he helps people recalibrate their mindset and achieve their definition of success.

Alundas has a wealth of knowledge and experience to share, from his military service, to his own business helping podcasters expand their influence, to his expertise in mindset, tools to succeed, addiction, trauma, coping mechanisms, energy, and much more.

Alundas releases new content every Friday at 8:00am (PST) and is available for bookings to help people find solutions for their inconveniences.

Alundas Havens is the perfect podcast guest for anyone looking to learn more about resilience and personal growth.

His experience in the Marine Corps, his insight into business, sales, and management, as well as his expertise in self-improvement and teaching make him a great source of knowledge for any podcast.

With his unique outlook on life, Alundas can provide a compelling perspective to any podcast interview.