Amy Ballantyne

TEDx Speaker & Executive Life Coach

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About Amy Ballantyne

Bio: Amy Ballantyne is a TEDx Speaker, Executive Life Coach, Workplace Wellness & Emotional Intelligence Trainer, best-selling author and host of the podcast: Power To The People Pleasers.

She is a dynamic and engaging speaker and trainer having spoken to companies and organizations internationally.

She co-creates transformational change for her clients through empathy, compassion and her ability to ask the tough questions that unlock new awareness and perspectives.

Coaching is a transformative tool that unlocks potential and fosters growth.

By providing a safe and open space for reflection, support, and accountability, Amy empowers individuals to explore new perspectives, overcome challenges, and achieve goals.

This collaborative process leads to enhanced performance, personal development, and the realization of one’s full capabilities in various life aspects.

Her mission is to inspire 10,000 humans to embrace their worthiness and release the daily overwhelm, pressure and stress that is preventing them from living the life they desire.