Andrea Wilson Woods

CEO and Entrepreneur, Patient Advocate, Speaker, Podcaster: Making Change Happen.

About Andrea Wilson Woods

Andrea Wilson Woods is an experienced CEO, entrepreneur, patient advocate, speaker, and podcaster.

She is the CEO and co-founder of Cancer University, a for-profit, social-benefit, digital health company that leverages her talents of coaching, writing, teaching, and advocacy.

She has over ten years of experience in the education field, working as a teacher and professor for public and private schools as well as universities.

Andrea has a master’s degree in professional writing from the University of Southern California, and her nonfiction writing has won national awards.

Her bestselling and award-winning medical memoir, Better Off Bald: A Life in 147 Days, is about the journey of raising her younger sister Adrienne until her death at age 15 from stage IV liver cancer.

As a podcast guest, Andrea Wilson Woods would bring a unique voice to the conversation.

Her vast experience in healthcare, business, and education, as well as her expertise in nonfiction writing, make her an ideal guest for any podcast.

Not only is she an inspiring storyteller, but she is also knowledgeable on a range of topics related to healthcare, business, and education.

In addition, she has founded the nonprofit Blue Faery: The Adrienne Wilson Liver Cancer Association which serves as a platform for her to advocate for patient rights.

Andrea Wilson Woods is a powerful guest who will bring her stories and experiences to any podcast.

She is passionate about inspiring others through her writing, teaching, and coaching.

As a podcast guest, she will undoubtedly bring an engaging, enlightening, and entertaining voice to your show.