Ava Rockwell

"Unlock holistic living with me - I'm passionate about making it part of your life!"

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About Ava Rockwell

Ava Rockwell is an inspiring speaker and the founder of the Rockwell School of Holistic Medicine.

Based in the United States in the city of Sarasota, she is fluent in English and passionate about a range of topics from health and fitness to education and courses.

Ava has experience with USB/External Microphone technology as well as webcams, making her adept at remote speaking engagements.

She is available for both weekday and weekend engagements.

As a passionate practitioner in the field of holistic medicine, Ava Rockwell has the expertise and knowledge to provide a compelling and engaging experience as a podcast guest.

With a thorough understanding of health and fitness, alternative health, nutrition, and education, she is well-equipped to provide unique insights and experiences to any podcast.

Ava's endless passion for all things holistic makes her an ideal guest for any health and fitness, education, or alternative health podcast.