Beth Thorp

"Inspiring others with light and hope through award-winning philanthropy."

About Beth Thorp

Beth Thorp is an inspiring author, philanthropist, and mother on a mission to help other children fighting for their tomorrows.

As Co-founder and Executive Director of the Mitchell Thorp Foundation, Beth has been recognized and awarded nationwide for her work in providing financial, emotional and resource support to families with children suffering from life-threatening illnesses.

Her new book, ANEW Creation, is a labor of love for her son Mitchell and speaks to God's power to heal, restore and transform.

Additionally, Beth is passionate about being the light in the dark to others and has educated herself in biblical studies.

Beth would make an exceptional podcast guest due to her inspiring story of resilience, passion for supporting others in dire circumstances, and inspiring outlook on life.

Her knowledge and experience in philanthropy, personal growth, and Christianity provides a wealth of topics for discussion.

Beth is available for both in-person and remote interviews and is equipped with a webcam and studio quality microphone.

With her enthusiasm and expertise, Beth would be an incredible addition to any podcast.