Bill Boulden

"Bill Boulden: Unleashing the Power of Tech Startups with Over a Dozen Innovative Products"

About Bill Boulden

Bill Boulden is a Fractional CTO who brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the table.

With nine tech startups under their belt, Bill has launched over a dozen products and specializes in the "Zero to One" phase of tech startups, taking an idea from concept to reality.

Their expertise in this area is evident in the wide range of products and services they have launched for their clients.

They are also well-versed in all aspects of startups, from marketing and sales to investment and growth.

As a potential podcast guest, Bill Boulden can provide listeners with invaluable insights and advice on the best tech stacks for startups, common pitfalls, and the cost to launch a web app.

They can also share their own stories of successes and failures in the startup world, as well as their other hobbies such as EDM music and DJing.

With their vast knowledge of the startup industry and experience launching products, Bill Boulden would be a great asset to any podcast.