Bill Pautler

I am a Spiritual Seeker that has had many mystical experiences and I want to assist others in reaching inner peace and mastery

About Bill Pautler

I am and have been an active spiritual seeker for the last 35 years of my life.

During that time I found it extremely hard to come up with a simple methodology to grow my spiritual awareness or become what we call "enlightened".

So many books, religions, yoga and meditation techniques.

Through a lot of work and many spiritual experiences I realized it is all inside of us, but no one has clearly taught us how to access it.

So in my book and course, I share the basic philosophy of enlightenment, explain how we got this way and offer a simple set of tools that can be easily implemented in a person's life.

When this triad is practiced, it leads to inner peace and mastery.

We also realize our purpose and our Origin which is Divinity.