Bob Giardini

Bob: Passionate Inventor and Creative On-Air Talent with GeneSync and METABAGUIDE-DNA.

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About Bob Giardini

Bob Giardini is a passionate and creative guest speaker with on-air experience.

He is the inventor of GeneSync technology and the METABAGUIDE-DNA app, a futuristic nutritional tool that provides users with a complete individualized wellness, balance, and weight management system.

His experience as one of New England’s premier Fatloss coaches has been utilized to help over 300,000 clients lose weight.

He is available for podcasts during the weekdays and is able to provide a webcam for the interview.

Bob is the perfect podcast guest due to his experience, knowledge, and expertise.

With a wealth of information about health and fitness, nutrition, art, food, and fashion, he will be able to provide fascinating insights to your listeners.

His innovative approach to health and wellness makes him an exciting and unique guest, sure to engage and entertain any audience.