Bob Thibodeau

Navigating the "start over" path: Drawing on personal experience to help others find their way.

About Bob Thibodeau

Robert Thibodeau is an experienced and knowledgeable speaker with an inspiring story.

He is a 12 year US Army veteran who served as both enlisted and as a commissioned Cavalry Officer and is now a retired law enforcement supervisor.

Robert is also an ordained minister, a radio program founder, and the founder of Evangelism Radio (a globally rated #1 online Christian radio station).

After a successful military career and a subsequent career in law enforcement, Robert found himself forced to 'start over' after an injury forced his retirement.

In order to provide for his family, he chose to pick himself up and start his own ministry, podcasting and online radio.

Through his ministry, he helps other Christians share the Gospel around the world.

Robert has a unique and inspiring story that is sure to make a great podcast guest.

He has the expertise and knowledge to provide valuable insight on navigating the waters of starting over, as well as topics related to his military, law enforcement, and ministry experiences.

His story is sure to encourage listeners to find the courage to overcome their own struggles.