Brenden Kumarasamy

"Revolutionizing public speaking for entrepreneurs: I help them share their ideas with the world."

About Brenden Kumarasamy

Brenden Kumarasamy is a public speaking coach and the founder of MasterTalk, a Youtube channel designed to help purpose driven entrepreneurs communicate their message to the world.

With a background in Business, Entrepreneurship, and Management, Brenden is an expert in helping individuals reach their goals and become great public speakers.

Based in Montreal, Canada, Brenden speaks English, French, and Tamil fluently, and has the equipment needed for remote or in-person podcast recordings.

With his expansive knowledge and expertise in the field, Brenden is available on weekends and weekdays as a guest speaker.

If you are looking for a knowledgeable and passionate guest for your podcast, Brenden is the perfect fit.

His experience as a public speaking coach and his enthusiasm for helping individuals reach their goals makes him an ideal choice.

He can provide your podcast with an insightful and engaging perspective, helping your show reach a larger audience.