Brian Fried

Inventor Consultant/Coach, Invention Licensing Agent, Author, TV/Radio Host, Innovation Speaker/Presenter, Serial Inventor, Founder

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About Brian Fried

🚀 **Innovative Portfolio:** With a dynamic spirit, I've secured not just 15 patents, but over 100 trademarks, showcasing my depth in intellectual property.

My creative prowess extends beyond inventions, making a lasting impact in the world of trademarks. 💡 **Strategic Visionary:** As the Chief Invention Officer of Inventor Smart, my focus goes beyond patents and trademarks.

I offer a comprehensive suite of services and resources for idea development.

From one-on-one consulting to acting as a licensing agent, I ensure your ideas reach their zenith.

My negotiation skills safeguard inventors, navigating the intricate landscape of the invention process. 🌐 **Industry Authority:** Corporations rely on my consulting prowess to ignite growth, develop products, and inspire innovation.

My extensive network positions me as a key player in steering businesses toward success. 🎤 **Founder & President:** Since 2007, I've led the National Inventor Club, fostering communities for inventors, entrepreneurs, and startups.

A testament to my commitment to collaboration and community building. 📚 **Author Extraordinaire:** A three-time author, my latest work, "How To Make Money With Your Invention Idea," is a comprehensive resource guide.

Previous titles, "You & Your Big Ideas" and "Inventing Secrets Revealed," continue to inspire innovators worldwide. 🎙️ **Got Invention Show Host:** Founder and host of the Got Invention Show, broadcasted on RokuTV, Amazon Fire, AppleTV, and top podcast platforms.

A platform where inventors are celebrated, showcasing my commitment to amplifying the inventor community. 🎓 **Educator & Speaker:** As a guest speaker since 2006, I've shared insights at public libraries, the Small Business Administration, the US Patent & Trademark Office, and schools.

My seminars guide audiences on turning ideas from concept to reality. 📖 **E-Learning Pioneer:** Creator of the online e-learning course, "Learn How to Make Money with Your Invention Invention Success System," guiding aspiring inventors from idea inception to commercialization. 🛍️ **InventorMart &** Diversifying my impact, I've designed apparel and merchandise for inventors through InventorMart.

Additionally, I launched, an expert service provider directory for the inventor community. 📲 **Inventor Smart Community:** Taking collaboration to the digital realm, I introduced the Inventor Smart Community, a social media app for inventors to connect, network, and find valuable resources. 🎭 **Podcast Guest Ready:** Eager to share my wealth of experience and insights on your podcast.

Let's connect and bring innovation to your audience!