Carol Muleta

"Empowering parents with strategies and trusted information to overcome overwhelming odds."

About Carol Muleta

Carol Muleta is a parenting strategist and consultant with a wealth of parenting knowledge and experience.

She created The Parenting 411, a portal where she engages parents and encourages the joy in their journey through her fresh approach to addressing challenging behavior, building strong family connections, and fostering children’s success in school and in life.

Her success extends beyond her work with parents, as she was named 2019 District of Columbia Mother of the Year by American Mothers, Inc. and was also named Radio Personality of the Year at SpeakerCon 2019.

Carol has also released the book ‘The Parenting Odyssey: Trials, Treasures, and Triumphs of Parenting in a Pandemic’ and hosts the Parenting 411 radio show.

She is also the proud parent of twin sons.

Carol Muleta is the perfect podcast guest for any show related to parenting and family.

She brings a wealth of knowledge, insight, and experience to any conversation, as well as a deep understanding of the challenges parents face and how to address them in a positive and effective way.

She is also an engaging and passionate speaker with the skills to make any audience feel comfortable and inspired.

With her impressive credentials and passion for parenting, Carol Muleta is the perfect guest for any podcast looking to explore parenting and family topics.