Carol starr

Unstuck yourself with Astrology and empathy-guided readings from Max.

About Carol starr

Carol Starr is an experienced Astrologer with over 30 years of professional experience.

She has authored a syndicated column, appeared on TV and Radio, and is a passionate entertainer.

Carol's goal is to help people with issues in their life and help them get unstuck.

Her client list has shifted from being mostly over 40s to predominantly under 30s, many of whom are suffering from depression, angst and worry about their careers, relationships, finances and future.

Through her readings, Carol helps her clients feel more peaceful, confident and less worried.

She has read over 10,000 charts and is passionate about helping her clients feel enlightened and confident.

Carol's expertise makes her a great potential podcast guest.

Her knowledge of Astrology and her empathic abilities are a great asset for any podcast looking to discuss topics such as spirituality, Astrology, LGBTQIA+ life experiences, careers, and religion and spirituality.

Her TikTok account has become a go-to for questions and comments about relationship compatibility with the zodiac signs.

Furthermore, she is available for remote appearances with her built-in microphone and is available for both weekday and weekend slots.