Caroline Karp

Intrepid International Artist Capturing the Beauty of the Earth

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About Caroline Karp

Tampa Bay-based painter Caroline Karp creates vibrant expressionist paintings in oil, acrylic and mixed media.

Her work focuses on the interplay between light and color and explores themes of resilience, empowerment, and self-discovery.

With the use of bold brushstrokes and heightened colors, her paintings convey energy and emotion.

Caroline's earned a BFA from Florida State University in 1991, followed by an MA from the University of Colorado.

For a decade, she thrived as a painter and educator in Colorado before relocating to Clearwater, Florida.

Caroline has been featured in numerous publications and podcasts, including New Visionary magazine, Voyage Tampa, The Georgetowner, and the Breakfast with Sergio podcast.

Her accomplishments have earned her a global clientele, including commissions from supermodel Kate Upton and MLB player Justin Verlander.

In addition to her artistic achievements, Caroline is dedicated to empowering women to live expressively.

Through personalized workshops and retreats, she guides individuals towards embracing their creativity and finding inspiration in their lives.

She is the founder of the International Online Art Collective, a platform for artists worldwide to connect, collaborate, and grow together.

Beyond her artistic pursuits, Caroline finds joy in her active lifestyle, frequently enjoying golf, pickleball, and time spent on the water.

Her genuine passion for the well-being of humanity, combined with her belief in art's transformative power, makes Caroline Karp a source of inspiration for artists and art enthusiasts alike.