Chad Agate

Convicted felon to 4-time tech startup founder: 3 successful exits and now CEO of Spinach Pay.

About Chad Agate

Chad Agate is a serial entrepreneur, tech innovator, and disciplined coach mentor, with over two decades of experience in achieving success.

Raised in an Italian family on Chicago's Southside, Chad was expected to be a leader and was taught the skills of determination, grit and success.

After a period of incarceration, he made a conscious decision to seize success and attended the University of Illinois at Chicago for computer science.

Chad has had the privilege to live and work in many places, such as Toronto, Dublin, Brisbane, Iasi, and Wroclaw.

He currently serves as the CEO of Spinach Pay, an alternative electronic payment platform for the cannabis industry and other consumable goods.

He is also the Chief Technology Officer with Lifeist, a publicly traded global leader in the sale of cannabis, consumption devices and nutraceuticals.

Chad is committed to giving back to the community and works tirelessly for various charitable causes.

He is a passionate mentor and coach, helping others to find success and follow their dreams.

His expertise includes Business, Entrepreneurship, Education, Self-Improvement, Health & Fitness, Society & Culture, and Relationships.

Chad is an ideal podcast guest and his experience, knowledge, and dedication make him a great candidate for any podcast.

He has the unique ability to inspire others and motivate them to reach their goals.

His story of transformation from a convicted drug felon to becoming a four-time startup founder with three successful exits in the tech sector is sure to captivate your audience.

If you're looking for a speaker to share their unique story and motivate your listeners, Chad Agate is the perfect choice.

His inspiring story and knowledge on various topics will surely make him a great podcast guest.