Chad Osinga

Inspire, guide, and motivate: Let Chad help you take charge of your life!

About Chad Osinga

Chad Osinga is a highly experienced professional from Richmond, United States, who is passionate about helping people empower themselves and take control of their lives.

He has an impressive background, having been a special operations sniper in the military, a combat applications instructor, and a high school dropout turned college graduate.

Chad has also faced many hardships, including growing up in a drug house with an addicted mother, and the diagnosis of his two youngest sons with Autism.

Chad is also a seasoned podcast guest, having appeared on shows such as "Good Life Great Life with Brian Highfield" and written for publications such as "Authority Magazine & The UpJourney".

His expertise is in Entrepreneurship, Self-Improvement, Male Health & Lifestyle, and Life Coaching.

He is also able to provide his services in-person or remotely, and is well-equipped with a webcam and external microphone.

Chad is the perfect podcast guest for any show that needs inspiration, guidance, or a kick in the pants.

His background and experiences make him uniquely qualified to address a wide variety of topics and provide an entertaining perspective that listeners will surely relate to.

His story of overcoming adversity is sure to leave listeners feeling encouraged and motivated to take control of their own lives.