Charlene Norman

"Max is your truth-telling guide to smarter business growth and compassionate capitalism!"

About Charlene Norman

Charlene Norman is a Truth Teller for Business Owners, CEOs & Founders who want to play smarter & grow BIG.

Host of the Exploring Compassionate Capitalism podcast, Charlene has a 360 view of the business world from playing the Big Boss in companies with toplines ranging from $30 million to nearly a billion.

She has an extensive background of navigating change, helping her clients move their business to a stronger, more impactful and profitable position.

With her expertise, Charlene can provide listeners with positive and negative sides of whatever action they want to take.

She can even get them back to better than they were before.

Her unique empathy and understanding of the business world comes from her own personal experience of recovering 150% from two seizures, two strokes and a week in a coma.

Charlene is an incredible potential podcast guest, as she brings a combination of the old-fashioned and the cutting edge to the table.

She speaks with a language that is different from most business coaches and mentors, and she has the expertise and knowledge to help business owners, CEOs, and founders play smarter and grow BIG.

Not only is she a truth teller, but she is also passionate about helping her clients reach their goals and leave a legacy.

With her engaging interviews and experience, Charlene is an ideal guest for any podcast.