Chill Podcast

"Welcome to A Little Bit of Chill Podcast: your guide to finding calm in the storm of life."

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About Chill Podcast

Chill Podcast is an experienced speaker and podcast host with a passion for helping people lead calmer, more balanced lives.

A resident of San Francisco, California, Chill has a background in health and fitness, mental health, self-improvement, teaching, and male health & lifestyle.

She is a fluent English speaker and is available to speak both weekends and weekdays.

Her studio quality microphone ensures her words are heard loud and clear.

Chill is the perfect guest for A Little Bit of Chill Podcast.

She has a wealth of knowledge and expertise that she can provide to listeners on how to be chill in this chaotic yet beautiful world.

With her practical tips and tricks on how to flip our everyday mindset to a happier life, no more overthinking, no more self-doubt, those negative spiraling thought patterns will be a thing of the past.

Her enthusiasm and passion for helping people lead calmer, more balanced lives will bring a positive energy to the show.