Chinar Movsisyan

Meet Chinar, the co-founder and CEO of Manot. At Manot, Chinar leads a team dedicated to revolutionizing AI enhancement.

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About Chinar Movsisyan

With Manot, Chinar has spearheaded the development of a groundbreaking platform that streamlines the enhancement of GenAI models.

Through automation, Manot accelerates improvement workflows by tenfold, boosting accuracy by 20%, and slashing costs by 32%.

The platform empowers AI teams with a robust framework for automating optimization, predicting edge cases, diagnosing knowledge gaps, and leveraging explainability for human-in-the-loop feedback.

Chinar's vision for Manot extends beyond just enhancing AI models; it's about bridging the gap between AI outputs and customer expectations.

By ensuring that models are not only effective but also aligned with end-user needs, Manot is reshaping the landscape of AI innovation under Chinar's leadership.