Chris Folayan

Global Award winning serial-entrepreneur, author, mentor, father with multiple exits who loves to think outside the box.

About Chris Folayan

Chris Folayan is an award-winning serial entrepreneur, author, mentor, with a 25+ year track record.

He has built and exited multiple multi-million-dollar companies globally across diverse industries.

Starting at a young age of 8 with a recycling business in Nigeria, his journey took him to Silicon Valley, where he honed his skills in software development and co-founded NTM, a pioneering digital music platform.

He then founded OCFX, an award-winning Silicon Valley software development company, and later launched Mall for Africa, one of Africa's largest e-commerce platforms.

Today, Chris is the founder of a platform developed to connect founders, entrepreneurs, and CEOs to individuals that are able to help them grow globally at a rapid pace.

Chris also leverages his expertise as a global expansion consultant, mentor, investor, and speaker, sharing his "P.



K." (Passion, Innovation, Network, Knowledge) philosophy to inspire and empower others.

He has also launched the first of its kind CEO game “Ready Set CEO” which is used by companies, incubators, accelerators, companies, and schools to help CEOs learn about what it takes to become a great CEO.