Collin Mitchell

"Inspiring others with my 4X Founder experience on topics such as sales, marketing, tech, entrepreneurship, podcasting, and fatherhood!"

About Collin Mitchell

Collin Mitchell is a 4X Founder and Chief Revenue Officer at Monster VoIP with extensive experience in sales, marketing, tech, entrepreneurship and fatherhood.

He grew up in a difficult background, with government cheese and food stamps, yet was able to use entrepreneurialism to lift himself out of poverty.

Collin quickly rose to success, growing his first company from a one bedroom apartment to a $5 million success in just 26 months.

He is an expert on sales, marketing, tech and entrepreneurship, and is passionate about helping those who don’t get the same opportunities he had.

Collin is located in Los Angeles and speaks English fluently.

He is comfortable with both remote and in-person podcast guest appearances, and has access to studio quality microphone and webcam equipment.

He is available on weekdays and his interests include business, entrepreneurship, marketing, parenting and technology.

Collin Mitchell is a passionate and experienced podcast guest who is keen to share his knowledge and experiences with others.

He has a unique and inspiring background which he is passionate about sharing, as well as expertise in numerous business and tech topics.

His enthusiasm and experience make him an ideal podcast guest who will bring insight and motivation to your audience.