Connor Tomkies

Host of the Made It Podcast, Post-Exit Founder, and Serial Entrepreneur. Helps folks sell their business and be happy after.

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About Connor Tomkies

Built and sold several companies and now help others do the same.

I'm Connor, the somewhat accidental architect behind Operator Equity, where our motto is investing in founder-led businesses for the long haul.

Think of us as the fairy godparents for businesses, but instead of magic wands, we wield favorable exit strategies and a commitment to long-term growth.

Our approach?

A 45-day process that feels less like a corporate merger and more like a firm handshake – cash upfront and a simple LOL, because who really likes paperwork?

Before becoming the pied piper of business exits, I embarked on a quest with Craig Crisler and Cody McLain to demystify global talent acquisition through SupportNinja.

Picture us as ninjas, not in the shadows but in the spotlight, connecting the dots between growing companies and the talent they yearn for.

Seven years and a 9-figure valuation later, I guess you could say we found our 'ninja way'.

When I'm not in the working with entrepreneurs or behind the mic on the Made It Podcast (shameless plug: check it out on Spotify!), you can find me donning my EOS Implementer cape, guiding entrepreneurs towards better outcomes.

So, if you're keen to chat about scaling businesses, the alchemy of a positive workplace culture, or simply swap podcast recommendations, my digital door is always open.

Let's connect, collaborate, or just share a laugh about the absurdity of entrepreneurship.

After all, in the grand tapestry of life, aren't we all just trying to write our own success stories, one humble brag at a time?

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