Cristy Murray

"Empowering high-achievers to break through the noise and find their path to wellness."

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About Cristy Murray

Cristy Murray is a nurse practitioner and functional medicine practitioner located in Anchorage, United States.

She has dedicated her life to helping women become better advocates for their health, especially during their infertility journey.

She has the life experience, knowledge, and training to support women through this difficult process.

With the help of her functional nutrition consulting, Cristy empowers women to use food as the first solution and take their minds and bodies on a self-healing journey.

Cristy is passionate about health and fitness, female health and lifestyle, alternative health, family planning, feminism, self-improvement, entrepreneurship, sustainability, and healthy eating.

She has experience with studio-quality microphone, webcam, and remote interviews.

She is available for remote interviews on weekdays and weekends.

Cristy is an excellent potential podcast guest for any show supporting high-achieving women who are tired of the run-around, and looking for wellness clarity and actionable advice.

With her knowledge, experience, and passion for helping women, Cristy is the perfect expert to bring on your show and offer valuable insight for your audience.