Darrin Schenck

"From wrong-way crash survivor to self-optimization coach: learn how to reach your peak potential with former pro racquetball player and 2x collegiate coach of the year, MADD."

About Darrin Schenck

Darrin Schenck is an experienced and knowledgeable speaker based in Phoenix, US.

He is a former Pro Racquetball player, achieving a top 20 world ranking, and has spent 14 years as the Head Coach at Arizona State University.

During that time, he earned a Women's National Championship, 3 dozen Collegiate All Americans, and 2x Collegiate Coach of the Year awards.

His experience and expertise was enhanced after his own head-on crash with a wrong way drunk driver.

Since then, he has been a volunteer speaker for Mothers Against Drunk Driving to share his story and how it changed his life in some dramatic ways.

In addition, Darrin is the VP of Sales for TriageNow, a leading telephonic triage provider for the Work Comp industry.

With his help, the business has grown to a $4 million+ company, with clients such as Liberty Mutual, General Mills, Goodyear Tire, American Red Cross and many more.

Darrin is also a recurring guest lecturer for the W.


Carey School of Business at ASU and the WA Franke School of Business at Northern AZ University, and released his own phone app recently, entitled Chatter-Box.

Darrin Schenck is an ideal podcast guest for anyone looking for a knowledgeable speaker with an inspirational story and business expertise.

With his experience as a Pro Racquetball player, Collegiate Coach, crash survivor, and VP of Sales, he has a unique perspective that is sure to captivate any audience.

He has the ability to share his insights on a variety of topics, from self-improvement to leisure hobbies, and can provide insightful anecdotes and stories that are sure to entertain and educate.