David Lawson

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About David Lawson

David Lawson is a multifaceted leadership coach and professional counsellor with 22 years of experience in the mental health industry.

David brings a pragmatic approach to help clients gain tools to live a better life, allowing them to facilitate a healthy self-awareness and reverse unsatisfying relational or behavioural patterns.

He is certified in Global Leadership Coaching, International Coaching Federation, and Conversational Intelligence, and has a Masters of Counselling.

With his expertise, David provides clients with an empathetic mentor and confidant to help them navigate change in a holistically healthy way.

David Lawson is an excellent potential podcast guest - with his 22 years of mental health experience and his certifications in coaching and counselling, he can provide insight and healing for listeners.

His background in providing critical incident debriefs also offers him a unique perspective in assisting leaders to navigate crisis.

David's empathy and expertise can help listeners to gain tools for intentional transformation and empower them to be creative and connected in their workspaces.

He has the ability to provide insight and practical advice to listeners on how to navigate relationships, improve mental health, and boost productivity.