Debbie Ausburn

"Inspiring insights from a social-worker-turned-lawyer, sharing the wisdom of clients, foster children, and stepchildren."

About Debbie Ausburn

Debbie Ausburn is an experienced lawyer and social worker who is passionate about raising other people's children.

She has 7 children and 10 grandchildren, and was a foster parent and stepparent for many years.

Her experiences have inspired her to write her book, Raising Other People's Children: What Foster Parenting Taught Me About Bringing Together a Blended Family.

Debbie has a law degree and has served as a criminal prosecutor of crimes against children, a Board member with youth-serving organizations, a foster parent, stepparent, and kinship care parent.

She's an active blogger on parenting and legal issues, and she enjoys sharing her insights with others.

Debbie Ausburn is the perfect guest for any podcast that focuses on parenting, blended families, law, youth-serving organizations, and other related topics.

Her deep knowledge and experience makes her the perfect person to discuss parenting, legal issues, and other topics related to the law and youth-serving organizations.

Her passion for raising other people's children, blended families, and her insights make her an ideal podcast guest.

She has all the necessary equipment to participate in a remote podcast, and is available on weekdays and weekends.

With Debbie Ausburn as a podcast guest, your audience will be inspired, educated, and entertained.