Debra Farber

Global privacy tech expert with an energizing and honest outlook.

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About Debra Farber

Debra J.

Farber is a globally-recognized Privacy, Security and Ethical Tech Advisor and CEO of Principled LLC with a refreshingly authentic perspective and lively & engaging presence.

With experience leading privacy and security roles at Amazon/AWS, BigID, Visa, and IBM, Debra has an impressive track record of success in the tech space.

She works with early and growth stage startups to craft go-to-market messaging that resonates with privacy, security, and data governance executives, and evaluates the uses of distributed ledger technologies, verified credentials, and decentralized identifiers for building ethical, transparent, and trusted technology.

Debra has also served on Advisory Boards for numerous companies and organizations, such as The Rise of Privacy Tech,, PrivacyCheq, XR Safety Initiative (XRSI), D-ID, The Open Voice Network (Linux Foundation), Metaverse Reality Check (Citizen Oversight Board), and Rita Personal Data.

She advises investors on the current & emerging privacy tech landscape and market opportunities for investment, and is an active investor on Regulation Crowdfunding sites like Republic, Start Engine, & Wefunder.

Debra is passionate about building ethical ecosystems and communities, and is an asset to any podcast.

With her wealth of knowledge and experience in the tech and privacy space, Debra J.

Farber is the perfect guest for any podcast that wants to explore the future of tech.

Her unique perspective and engaging presence will captivate any audience, while her expertise in privacy engineering, distributed ledger technologies, data governance, and verified credentials will provide your listeners with valuable insight.

As an active investor in the privacy tech sector, Debra can also bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to any conversation about the current and emerging landscape.

Her passion and enthusiasm for building ethical ecosystems and communities is truly contagious, making her an incredibly compelling and knowledgeable guest.