Diane Prince

"Startup expert with experience launching, growing, and monetizing businesses up to $50 million."

About Diane Prince

Diane Prince is an experienced speaker, entrepreneur and business coach to startup founders and entrepreneurs.

She has a track record of success in taking businesses from the back of a house to a $50 million dollar enterprise in six years time.

Her extensive experience in creating, growing and exiting several companies has enabled her to provide a wealth of knowledge to a range of audiences.

Diane is a captivating speaker with a knack for making her topics both engaging and entertaining.

She has been praised by Christopher P.

Neck, Associate Professor of Management at Arizona State University, for her ability to “address your concerns” and always “deliver”.

Diane is passionate about educating her audience and is well-versed in a range of topics from “how to hire your team”, and “how to know when you have the wrong person on your team”, to “why you should avoid pitch competitions”.

With her expertise and meaningful insights, she ensures that her audience is always kept engaged and informed.

Diane has appeared on multiple podcasts such as The 10 Minute Entrepreneur, Hackernoon, and The Entre-preneur Show.

Her experience and knowledge make her an ideal podcast guest that will not only educate and entertain your audience but also provide them with valuable insights.

Book Diane on your podcast and leave your audience feeling inspired and better informed.