Donita Brown

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About Donita Brown

Donita Brown is a native of Middle Tennessee, calling Robertson County home.

The Lipscomb University professor teaches in the graduate and undergraduate programs, focusing on management and leadership courses.

She began her career at HCA Healthcare, a global company that she credits for showing her the similarities between healthcare and education in the respect that we all need both.

As an author, Brown, creator of the Wisdom from Others book series, believes that the best advice always comes from others.

The idea for her story collection, which includes four books, came about when she realized that much of the advice she received that had once seemed irrelevant was useful.

As a public speaker and a podcast host, Brown approaches her engagements in a conversational manner, discussing the challenges we all face in everyday life and the wisdom we can use to get through it.

You can listen to her podcast, "The Management Minute with Dr.

Donita," on any podcast player.

As a habit coach, Brown works with working professionals to help them create daily habits that support their achievement of their goals while not sacrificing their self-care.

Donita is also a researcher of coaching and self-care.