Dorsey Ross

"Inspirational speaker empowering others through faith-based stories of resilience and hope."

About Dorsey Ross

Dorsey Ross is a dynamic and inspirational speaker, born with Apert’s Syndrome, and is an advocate of faith-based stories.

Born in 1977, Dorsey’s parents were told he would not survive and advised to put him in an institution.

Through sheer determination and the help of God, Dorsey attended Queens Borough Community College and the University of Valley Forge, attaining a Bachelor’s Degree in Youth Ministry and inspiring all with his motto “can’t is not in my vocabulary”.

Dorsey has overcome many obstacles, such as bullying and multiple surgeries, and is eager to share his story of faith and perseverance to encourage and empower others.

He is available for remote podcast appearances and is equipped with USB External Microphone and Webcam.

Dorsey Ross is the perfect podcast guest to tell his inspiring story of faith and overcoming life’s challenges.

His incredible journey will captivate and bring hope to listeners across the world.

With his incredible story-telling and powerful message, Dorsey will be sure to leave a lasting impression on podcast audiences.