Dr Egypt Iredia

"Exploring the intersection of poetry, mysticism, and creativity to heal, grow, and be mindful."

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About Dr Egypt Iredia


Egypt Iredia is an multi-passionate healer, poet, writer, vegan advocate and naturopathic doctor based in Chicago, United States.

She blends poetry, occultism, spirituality, writing, creativity, healing, veganism, natural living, and philosophy in her work.

With a background in 80% raw vegan foodist, nature lover, metaphysician, and lover of all things mystical, she has a wealth of knowledge and experience to share as a podcast guest.


Iredia has an array of topics to discuss, from multi-passionism, multi-potentialism, and non-linear thinking to unconventional career paths, crafting your own career, veganism and the plant-based lifestyle, sacred self-love and self-care, conscious parenting, creative living and multi-passionate living, poetry/writing, herbalism, naturopathy, nutrition, slow living and minimalism, metaphysics and witchcraft, earth-based healing practices, spiritual entrepreneurship/spiritual business, law of attraction or manifestation, digital minimalism and living without social media.


Iredia brings a unique perspective to podcast guests, with an approach from a down-to-earth soul-based approach.

She provides immense value and humanity first to the audience.

She is a non-judgemental and compassionate speaker, who loves to guide and teach people without lecturing to them.

She resonates with empaths, HSPs, INFJs or INFPs (Myers Briggs) types, spiritual and truth seekers.

Her goal is to help people reclaim their own voice and soul-callings, helping them leave with valuable insights, tools, or tips to help them deeply reflect, heal, or empower their new healthy living and soul wellbeing ideas.

If you're looking for a podcast guest who brings a fresh perspective on multipassionism, non-linear thinking, and multi-potential, look no further than Dr.

Egypt Iredia.

Her wealth of knowledge and experience as a healer, poet and naturopathic doctor will bring a unique and valuable insight to your podcast.

With her deep understanding of veganism, slow living, minimalism, spirituality, philosophy, and more, she is sure to make for a great podcast guest.